Agasto Extra Virgin Samos Olive Oil with herbs 40 ml


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Agasto Extra Virgin Samos Olive Oil 40 ml. Height 18 cm. .. Read More...

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Agasto Extra Virgin Samos Olive Oil 40 ml. Height 18 cm. Starting with our care for olive trees , collecting the olives at the right stage of maturity , carrying them to the olive press at the same day and crushing the olives at low temperature we ensure the perfect conditions for oil extraction. These are the steps for producing high quality olive oil. With our scientific knowledge and experience, we inspect the process step by step, in order for our olive oil to be perfect and admirable. Last but not least , The unique environment conditions , the pure Nature of Samos an Aegean Island well known from the past as “anthemousa” meaning “land that blooms” This is "agasto". Coming from local producers who cultivate their trees for generations, with care and respect for the environment. With its intense fruity flavor, agasto’ is an olive oil that can be enjoyed as an appetizer on wheat bread or crackers and can perfectly accompany salads. Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. It contains wild herbs and it has a delicious fine taste. It can be consumed raw on grilled fish or bread, in salads and vegetables or can be used in cooking or frying.